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Bubbels & Pastries

As sweet as sugar, is the pastry shop at the corner of Heurlins Square. The dream of creating one's own bakery has existed for a long time, especially for Patrik Fredriksson, the Olympic medalist and proud holder of the title Pastry Chef of the Year 2013. We are open from morning till evening, and our pastry chefs bake everything right here on-site. That's something we proudly brag about. From the Princess Cake to our own interpretations of the French classic Éclair, as well as seasonal exclusive pastries and flavorful “Smörgåstårtor” Here, you'll find everything you could wish for, whether it's for your morning coffee or to brighten up a foggy afternoon, with Bubbles and Pastries! 


Järnbäraregatan 6a, 413 01 Göteborg

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